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Making adjustments to your diet may provide relief.Limit or eliminate foods that may make your symptoms worse, including caffeine, alcohol, fatty foods, gas-producing foods (such as beans, cabbage, and broccoli), foods high in fructose (such as soda pop, and citrus fruits) and the artificial sweeteners sorbitol and xylitol (often used in sugarless gum and sugarless candy).He was actually a pretty weird guy and since we all blame our parents for the various pathologies we inherit, lets remind ourselves of this very odd person who helped make India the proud, pathological nation it is today.and to celebrate his birthday tastefully why not purchase a plush Bapu Beanie Baby for just $ 14.95 from ebay Mahatma Gandhi walked barefoot everywhere, to the point that the soles of his feet became quite thick and hard.Entera Gam is a prescription medical food product indicated for the clinical dietary management of intestinal disorders including loose or frequent stools.It is a powder that can be: - easily dissolved in water or other liquids, including fruit-flavored drinks, sports drinks or energy drinks - mixed in yogurt, pudding or other soft foods that do not have a strong acidic content.

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It also helped me get the f--k out of that septic tank . I wish i had a speck of the talent they have, and i often wonder if they know they even have it. You might all think that Maynard James Keenan writes his own lyrics for EVERY song,..... Obviously he has a larg part, but so does the rest of the band. is hell on earth, Yes it is prophesized that California is going to fall off the face of the earth when the day of armageddon comes. If we don't learn to live between the two, then Maynard has a perfect suggestion to keep us all occupied..."LEARN TO SWIM". Lastly, "Lachrymology" is Tool Urban Legend: is fabt flushin all the corruption and inhumanity in the sea basically flushing the whole world coz now the whole world is filled with corruption- sunny, mumbai, India" Wow that is a bit of a closed minded thing to say dont ya think. I’d look at it and think, Hey, it wasn’t there yesterday. Until it starts a constant leak like that crappy faucet my wife told me not to buy and then later told me that she told me not to buy… Finally, experiencing a rare moment of self-awareness during a routine checkup, I broach the subject with my physician.“Blood? I might be screwed.”“At your age, it’s probably nothing. The issue showed up every few months, like the shady character in a movie whose only role is to foreshadow tragic, explosive death. And I’m aware that by the time men turn 50, it’s a good idea to let the man your mother-in-law wished her daughter would’ve married put a couple fingers in your pleasegodno. And that part of my anatomy has run a dependable export business its entire life. After about an hour, I Googled “anal bleeding.”The feedback from internet experts was unsettling.“Call the doctor instantly! I comforted myself in a thick blanket of denial for a year. I researched potential trades in my fantasy football league. ”They sounded so certain and authoritative on the chat board. I did what any normal man would do after reading all this.This explains why he became known as a “super calloused fragile mystic vexed with halitosis.” joke from link image from link Here are some little known facts about the father of the nation.

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