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All not very exotic, and pretty much the same-same you get from other Twitter analytics tools such as Sum All. Secondly, you never know how much Twitter will expand this functionality.

And finally, Twitter only starts tracking your Twitter activity, from the moment you enable this tool.

Here are my favourite social media management tools for Twitter: Agorapulse is a social media management tool for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google and Linked In – but, obviously, we are going to focus on Twitter features here.

You can use Agorapulse to monitor your mentions in the Social Inbox, to publish and schedule updates (they also provide a good editorial calendar for planning your schedule) and there are also monitoring features with multiple keywords, keywords to avoid and location/language settings, Twitter reports and a very handy CRM tool which tells you whether you have any influencers or brand ambassadors following you.

To enable it: From now on, you can start tracking your tweets and followers analytics via “ on your desktop.

While Twitter moved away from linking the analytics tool to Twitter ads, they now link it loosely to Twitter Cards, probably in an attempt to make the Twitter timelines more media-rich. There is a basic analysis of your followers (Geographic spread, gender, interests, etc…

And if you use Twitter Cards, there is an in-depth analysis per “Card”.

Hi i am working on drupal site And i have noticed Twitter profile widget is no more working and its showing an empty space in the tweets block.

I checked developer pane i have found following notices.

TWITTER WIDGET: The Twitter API v1.0 is deprecated, and this widget has ceased functioning.

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