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Ms Tyler caused controversy in March when she posed topless with the message “f*** your morals” on her chest and posted the photo on a Tunisian Femen Facebook page.Many Muslims in the relatively liberal Arab-speaking country were scandalised by the act.The air is now so still that sky and sea merge seamlessly, one reflecting the other like a continuous sheet of glass.

FEMEN had staged protests in front of the Grand Mosque of Paris burning a Tawhid flag.

The long time militant and campaigner of the socialist Democratic Forum for Labour and Liberties, who had left the party only after it joined the Troika government, said he was even proud of his daughter who "defended her ideas" and who also brought him to reconcile with his own values making him understand that one needs to be active.

International protests followed for her release from detention.

TUNIS, Tunisia — A British DJ faces charges in Tunisia of “offending public morality” after his set at a nightclub included a remixed recording of the Muslim call to prayer, a judicial source said Tuesday.

A video of the alleged incident, widely shared online since Sunday, shows clubbers dancing at the weekend in the northeastern town of Hammamet to music that includes the call to prayer.

He said the DJ had not yet been located by authorities.

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