Stanford university speed dating


Current interests include social, cognitive, and biological factors in affective disorders; neural and cognitive processing of emotional stimuli and reward by depressed persons; behavioral activation and anhedonia in depression; social, emotional, and biological risk factors for depression in children.

The Stanford NLP Group includes members of both the Linguistics Department and the Computer Science Department, and is part of the Stanford AI Lab.Apply in advance for 3-4 opportunities to give three-minute pitches to VC pairs and receive three minutes of feedback.This portion of the event is closed to pre-registered students and VCs (see above for registration information).We define light opera as staged shows which are primarily musical and have fewer than two intermissions.We invite those who are not studying at Stanford to audition for most of our shows, play in pit orchestras, work backstage, and attend most events.Barnes as interim director (he got the full-time post two years later).

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