Updating truecrypt

That is fortunate, because there is no way to in-place decrypt secondary volumes like there is for system volumes.

In my case, I had database files and virtual machines stored there, but I could live with SQL server or VMWare failing to start a couple of times while upgrading so I decided to leave the secondary volume alone. This may take up to a couple of hours, depending on the size of your disk and the speed of your system.

True Crypt Team member David Tesařík stated that Le Roux informed the team that there was a legal dispute between himself and Secur Star, and that he received legal advisement not to comment on any issues of the case.

Tesařík concluded that should the True Crypt Team continue distributing True Crypt, Le Roux may ultimately be held liable and be forced to pay consequent damages to Secur Star.

Do not worry, decryption is possible in-place, and you can re-encrypt it after the upgrade.

Also, if you have any secondary volumes encrypted (using system favorites), you do not need to decrypt those unless they are absolutely necessary for your boot process.

Just check the "True Crypt Mode", enter you True Crypt password and perform the operation.

The 7.2 “decrypt only” version can be downloaded for Windows, OS X and Linux. If so, no-one from True Crypt has yet come forward to suggest so. We don’t yet know, but the unlikely, unprofessional-looking and abrupt download page suggests that you’d be unwise to trust anything about it. Some have suggested that there might be legal pressure on True Crypt, combined with some sort of gag order that prevents the full story being told, so that this was the only lawfully clean way of closing the project.

There are generally no conflicts between True Crypt and Vera Crypt, thus they can be installed and used on the same machine.

On Windows however, if they are both used to mount the same volume, two drives may appear when mounting it.

Vera Crypt adds enhanced security to the algorithms used for system and partitions encryption making it immune to new developments in brute-force attacks.

It also solves many vulnerabilities and security issues found in True Crypt.

It was further stated that Le Roux illegally distributed E4M, and authored an illegal license permitting anyone to base derivative work on the code and distribute it freely.

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