Updating bois without floppy


It wiped it clean, loaded the new one, and then it couldn't verify.At this point your only two options are quit or retry.

Copy the downloaded file onto a blank formatted floppy disk.Upgrading your BIOS takes around ten minutes, including downloading the update itself.You can upgrade your BIOS by floppy disk, CD or flash drive. As your computer boots, press the correct key, which will be displayed on the initial boot screen, to access your BIOS. You can use a public computer or a friend or family member's computer.So I retry, now it won't even try to write the bios. The motherboard is supposed to have a built in bios recovery mode, but it seems that was wiped out as well by the Windows flash utility.Having no other choice I rebooted the machine and hoped for the best. It was time to send it back to ASUS so they could reflash it.When the check is complete, it will ask if you wish to go ahead with the update.

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