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With California embracing marriage equality again, it's high-time to visit West Hollywood, one of the state's great LGBT meccas.

Here's what lady visitors to the compact queer center need to know now.

Richard teaches Mark how to use a "sex song" to please Elaine in bed.

On the whole though, it’s men that need guidance.” This evening, there are three women and 15 men in her class. ” She tells her class to take a good look at themselves and asks if they are the kind of people who magnetize others.

It’s just something that comes with the territory of Los Angeles. So unless you can handle long periods on location and/or high flake potential, try to find someone else to date. Truth: Don’t be put off by someone who suggests a cheap/free date.

If there is thought behind it, then that’s all that matters.

Los Angeles can sometimes seem like a city divided: one for the couples and one for the singles.

Couples either either move here together or find each other way more quickly than you can find parking on your street. meet up group and meet some fabulous people, or try some of these other tips for meeting new folks.

Eat, Drink and Be Shopping So where to begin in West Hollywood?

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