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A monument of Kyi, Schek and Khoryv, and their sister Lybed will tell you a lot about Kiev's history.

Kiev is a great place for meeting your future wife. Many of them want to create family with a man like you.

And the best way to get people reading your content is with a snappy title that grabs their attention by both how it looks what it says.

That being said, good design for a blog post’s title (date and/or meta data) does notnecessarilymean that it needs to be blinged out to the nth degree with graphics, icons and backgrounds/textures.

That’s a pity that in Mafia I was quickly killed) Oleksandr I’ve come here already for two times.

You will spend your time with pleasure and get a lot of positive emotions; 8.

By reading the comments I could also remove the “about” – in german translated to “Über die” text. 1.5 * Improved User Interface 1.4.0 * You can now choose to show Date and Meta on indivisual posts.

1.3.0 * Added option to choose whether to hide from home page or not.

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If you want to discover Ukraine, start from its capital Kiev! The main Street of Kiev Kreschatyk will impress you by its huge chestnuts.

1.2.2 * Minor Improvments 1.2.1 * Minor Improvments.

There is nothing that will grab the attention of visitor’s to your blog like a creative and thoughtful eye catching title/date/meta data design.

How can you meet them, if you don't plan to visit Ukraine in the nearest future?

Just become a member of a Ukrainian dating site and meet ladies from Kiev online.

Ukrainian women are mostly Christians, they speak both Ukrainian and Russian languages.

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