X360a gamercard not updating


For those who've played the first game, you'll find this game pretty familiar.There are some notable inclusions (Don's View) and exclusions (yeah, no more hidden items collection side quest! As compared to the first game, however, this game is so much easier to get the full 1,000G, and the purpose of this guide is to tell you how to get it.

Unrelated: has anyone been bothered by dummy accounts on XBL?Two different accounts were 'liking' screenshots etc. Both have zero GS, no activity in feed, and following over 200-300 people each.I'd expect that kind of nonsense on Twitter, but I'd never seen it on XBL until now.I actually really like the way the 'My Games' section is organized between what's installed and what's available to install.It's simple, let's you only see X1 or 360 games, and switch between what's on which HDD easily.Also, please note that, as with most gaming guides: THIS GUIDE CONTAINS SPOILERS! Achievements - Don's View - Crime Rings and Compounds - Story Events - Favors - Banks and Safes - Execution Styles - Firearms - Family Tree - Killing Mobsters Conclusion Version history Credits ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.

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