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The photograph, scratched and undated, is captioned 'Brother Jordan Anderson'.

He is a middle-aged black man with a long beard and a righteous stare, as if he were a preacher locking eyes with a sinner, or a judge about to dispatch a thief to the gallows.

Two slaves were often worth more than a man's land, house and all his belongings, according to the records.

"They show the impersonal market forces that were at work everywhere slavery was," Professor Schweninger said.

Humorist Andy Borowitz read the letter recently and called it, in an email to The Associated Press, 'something Twain would have been proud to have written'. Patrick Henry Anderson, who apparently wanted Jordan to come back to the plantation east of Nashville, the letter begins cheerfully, with the former slave expressing relief that 'you had not forgotten Jordon' (there are various spellings of the name) and were 'promising to do better for me than anybody else can'.

But, he adds, 'I have often felt uneasy about you'.

To make it sound easier, it’s two people where one person, the master, “owns” the other, the slave.

The paternalistic language of slavery, the restrictions of slave law, and the circumstances of slave life created a sense of parity between black wives and husbands.

A master's control over both spouses reduced the black male's potential for dominance over his wife.

He had traded a horse, worth about 0, for the babies.

As to the theory of paternalistic owners and happy slaves, Professor Schweninger said: "The harsh realities were different in most cases.

Throughout the period of slavery in America, white society believed black women to be innately lustful beings.

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