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Backing up your computer, while not strictly a maintenance function, should be on your maintenance checklist.

Using an external hard drive and backup software, you should run the software at least once a week or set up the program to do it automatically.

In the past, during the facility design/build phases, it was uncommon to devote substantial resources to life-cycle Operation and Maintenance (O&M) concerns.

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) and, in particular, COBie, introduced at the front end of the project helps facilitate the entire process.

From the outset, it must be emphasised that this is not an article about .

Rather, it is about the organisational, cultural and strategic factors that must be considered to improve the management of information within organisations.

The key goal of this article is to help information management projects succeed.

‘Information management’ is an umbrella term that encompasses all the systems and processes within an organisation for the creation and use of corporate information.

Over time, mostly in one week increments, the hard drive will accumulate "trash." This includes temporary files, recycle bin files and cookies that clutter up your hard drive and slow down you computer.

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