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As lifelong 305ers, we thought we'd seen it all.But these Miami ladies prove that dating here is kind of like going for a swim in shark-infested waters when contemplating whether you want to dip your toes in that water, you wonder if you'd be crazy to jump in."He informed me that if we continued dating he would have to kill my dog."Think that ghosts, witches and goblins are frightening?Try being on a date with some of these terrifying people.These four totally true, cringe-inducingly awful Miami dating horror stories will have you wanting to stay in with Netflix every Valentine's Day from now on and Belen had just started dating a guy she thought she was really hitting it off with, and when she went to meet him for their fourth date she was surprised at how lucky she had been to meet a nice guy in Miami.

Putting your fate in the hands of a matchmaker isn't even a safe bet, as Ricki, 23, found out the hard way, when she was set up on a date who, despite the obvious answer, kept insisting, "We are having fun. Also, be sure to comment below and share any horrifying dating stories you may have.Then he went to my bathroom and after 15 minutes, I heard loud-ass poop sounds.This continued for 45 minutes until finally he came out like nothing happened.One small square window peeks out of the house’s triangular attic, while two square windows sit below it.Unlike a structure born from a child’s imagination, though, this was a house of nightmares.He used to live on 'the streets.' He claimed to have 'beat Spina Bifida.' He had had a fiancé in Japan who was open to him dating women while he was in the States.

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