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Most days I can barely walk untill I push through the pain and loosen everything up, then I get a little bit of relief but it doesn't last long. I'm finding it very difficult keeping depression at bay and I cry most days when I'm alone.

I can hardly bare seeing my partners face when he watches me on a really bad day. Between my doctor and Rhematology specialist's I've been on Panadeine Forte, Anti Infammatories, Prednisone and Sulfasalzine, I've had so many Radiology Tests I've lost count.

As I meandered throughout a sea of Filipino sailors, I stopped instantly when I saw the most beautiful sight—a tall, handsome man hopping out of a fire-engine-red Trans Am.

Where everyone is telling each other what they resent about each other and what they apperciate. to get stress off, to gain respect for one another. Would anyone have any opnions on what I could attempt to do, to put things in perspective for him?

Recently from test results my specialist informed me I had very thin bones and I was no longer to continue with my medications, he said I would have to learn to live with the pain.

He now believes I have fibromyalgia and has refered me back to my doctor who will help me with pain management but that would exclude any previous medications so as not to thin my bones any further.

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Hi, I have a brother who has been recovering from a brain injury for the last 2 and half years.

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