Dating a girl with a lazy eye dating a 17yr


I am going to be a senior next year and I had ambitions to go to homecoming and prom and the like, but I am too nervous to even approach girls.

I know I may seem like I'm just looking for pity, but really I'm just looking for answers and advice. Just incase you wanted to see, here I am lol Omg to this day The Sexiest Man I've Ever Been With had a shocking lazy eye - like REALLY bad.

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" one of my classmates said to me during 7th grade Civics. I must have been at least the 300th kid he'd photographed that day. I marched back to eighth grade English class with my head held high, experiencing a rare moment of triumph in a junior high journey riddled with defeat. All I'd needed was a little creative hairstyling and a full submission to my shame. In a pre-Photoshop world, I'd miraculously found a way to hide my greatest physical flaw from the unforgiving camera lens. Even my painstakingly-placed cascade of hair didn't do the one thing I so desperately needed it to: make me look normal. It was the first and only thing anyone ever noticed about me. I reached up to my face to make sure that my curtain of tresses was falling right where I wanted it, exactly as I'd practiced placing it every day for months: directly covering my right eye, the lazy one."I'm sure! Year after year I did my best to look pretty for that dreaded class picture, and year after year a big glossy photo envelope was slapped down on my desk with rows of untamable, recalcitrant eyeballs staring back at me through the cellophane window, reproduced in a merciless series of 3x5s, 5x7s, and that one massive, horrific 8x10. Granted, I was five years old, and didn’t spend that much time on my personal appearance.

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