How about naming him after popular foreigners with exotic-sounding names like “Givenchy” (French designer), “Dali” (Spanish artist), and “Zdenka” (Czech athlete).

How about any one of The Three Musketeers — Athos, Porthos and Aramis?

If you do not leave, Vietnam will shut down the excavation because they are in control of it. Patty was traveling on a valid visa with no travel restrictions. They took absolutely no action to assist her or protect her from the Vietnamese emotional harassment and threats.

Embassy Hanoi was also under the unilateral control of the central communist government of Vietnam. Embassy did not offer support or comfort to Patty at her father's gravesite.

Looking for a name for your new puppy but is sick and tired of the common names that people are giving their furry friends these days?

There were also no travel warnings issued by the U. State Department for that area - or any area - of Vietnam. Instead, the Ambassador, himself, tried to emotionally blackmail and harass Patty in an attempt to intmidate her into leaving.Patty repeated that she was not leaving until she was guaranteed in writing from the U. Embassy Hanoi daily briefings until the remains were found, immediate notification that the remains had been found, and a guarantee to attend the repatriation ceremony.David Shear responded, "Obviously, you don't care about your father's remains". Similarly, I introduced myself and asked a bit about her and her work. When I shared that he does come across as a little aloof he was surprised as it is the opposite of his intention. A friend of a friend of mine who appears standoffish confided in me one night at drinks he is shy and loves it when people interact with him. Well here is one universal truth, well put by Eleanor Roosevelt, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." And I don't need to meet you to know that there is nothing inferior about you, my friend. This covers the spectrum from higher ups at work, love interests, people we don't know at parties, popular people from school or the office, even celebrities. Often people we look up to (or those who we just don't know who seem cool) can bring up feelings we harbor about ourselves that we are not good enough, smart enough, interesting enough. We are all made from the same source and the truth is -- and this is repeated in many spiritual scriptures "we are all special and we are all not special." We are all equal, my friends. So, yeah, I'm a weak, imperfect person." Even wolves get scared!

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