Avg slow at updating

They need to be as up to date as possible to have the best chance of removing the threats.

Of course, if your computer is severely infected, you may have to resort to an Antivirus rescue CD from your favorite security company.

Unfortunately, some people are reporting it’s causing serious slowdowns. If it’s already been installed, you’ll be able to update your system and action it.

I've seen this problem posted over countless forums and 3rd party websites like Reddit. It's been 36 hours now since I've started this 5 GB game, and guess where it's at? By that I mean I couldn't do ANYTHING web releated.

I have also tried another two Win XP VM's and they are also slow.

I moved one of the XP VM's to another host and it goes fine.

XP task manager shows 100% cpu usage with ~95% kernel times.

Host machine is around 20% usage and still responds OK. VMware is also saying the vmware tools are out of date and no 3D graphics will be avail.

Windows Insiders expect to encounter and report back on known issues, but regular Windows users don't.

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