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One comment: you have set Use Preload to true in your connection string. Use Extended Types = false; the exception changes to: System.

This is a legacy feature and it's strongly recommended not to use it (it have been removed from the upcoming major version 3.0). Invalid Cast Exception occurred HResult=-2147467262 Message=Specified cast is not valid.

I have already set allow paging to true and page size to 5.

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One of the issues I’ve had is that the edit template doesn’t map to the view template very well. You see, the data that gets stored back to the database during the edit could go to two of four different tables.

It is returning data from a stored procedure without a problem.

I am having trouble Editing, Deleting the records from the Gridview as my application keeps erroring out at the Row Editing event.

But the Row Editing event handler error (Jscript) error that the application keeps throwing out, how can I overcome this?

This happens everytime i try to click on Edit/Delete on the Gridview.

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