Turtle dating jamie lynn


You may know her as Meadow Soprano or Turtle’s girlfriend from Entourage, but Jamie-Lynn Sigler is a well-known television actress in Hollywood who turns the big 30 today. Born in Queens in 1981 to a Cuban mother and Greek and Romanian father, Jamie-Lynn began acting at in early age in Long Island, New York, where she grew up.

And it looks like Ferrara's famous pals couldn't be happier for him.

#engaged #isaidyes #fiancé," Racano echoed, sharing the same snap of her sporting a sparkly new engagement ring.

" PICS: Size Does Matter -- The Biggest and Best Celebrity Engagement Rings "I am so lucky to marry this man.

I knew that my role appeared in four of those episodes but I didn’t necessarily have a lot to do.

So I went to work with an agenda, I said: I’m going to go and do the best work I can and I’m just going to defy them not to keep me around.

"Is it bad for business to go on your podcast and talk about the fact that you just got engaged?

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