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The culture of the settlement was very like that of the Minoans, and it has often been considered to be a Minoan ‘colony’ — indeed the wall paintings from Akrotiri provide by far and away the best examples of Minoan art. This is one of the biggest problems of the chronology of the Aegean world because the scientific dating of the eruption and the archaeological dating do not agree; indeed they differ by 100 years or more.

The problem is still unsolved and consequently two sets of dating are given for the eruption: the ‘Long Chronology’ based on the scientific dating, and the ‘Short Chronology’ based on the historical dating.

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Through their interaction with other civilizations of the middle east, the Minoans were aware and utilized the art of metalworking Their skillful jewelry creations adorned the collections of noble palace inhabitants and were even exported around the Mediterranean.

Further, without written records, they are often the only source, along with decorated pottery, of just how the world appeared to the Minoans and give us tantalizing glimpses of their beliefs, cultural practices and aesthetic tastes.

Inherent problems with frescoes are their fragility, incompleteness and artistic anonymity.

In addition, in archaeological sites they are often found removed from their original settings, making them extremely difficult to date.

Perhaps, restoration has at times been over-imaginative but nevertheless, the overwhelming impression given by this art form is the Minoan’s sheer joy in fluid, naturalistic and graceful forms represented in an impressionistic manner.

Animal and bloodless sacrifices, along with processions were part of ritual worship of the great female nature goddess, and during these festivities worshipers used music, dance, and prayer to achieve a state of religious ecstasy that put them in touch with the supernatural.

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