Dating a catholic guy


Overly aggressive fashion can make you seem either high-maintenance or just plain scary. He was also married, which I didn’t find out until the third date because he had removed his wedding ring. If he stutters or waffles, tell him to call you back when he makes up his mind. Read literature occasionally and know who won the Super Bowl or the World Series.

Soft textures, pretty colors, loose hair, minimal makeup. I’m not saying it is impossible to meet someone in a bar, but in my experience the only man I ever met in a bar was tall, Asian, elegant, and perfect. Remember Scarlett O’Hara surrounded by dozens of admiring beaus? If he’s not man enough to say he wants to date you, what makes you think he’ll be man enough to propose marriage a year or two down the line? Follow world news, Hollywood, or the theater scene. The couple live in Long Island, New York, with their six children.

Many blogposts debate whether it’s okay for people to flirt. Chances are high you’ll find someone who shares a common interest.

For single Catholic gals, flirting is a way to show you are interested in a guy.

Yet many Catholic guys are unsure about themselves, uncertain, dithering, wavering, vicissitudening. In Christ, with the power of the Holy Spirit, you can change this and face your fears, be courageous, bold, and manly.

While you’re single, you may as well learn some manly skills, too.

I grew up playing sports and only occasionally worked on the car with my dad or fixed something in the house. Katie almost sent me home packing because of my atrocious wardrobe choices. More on that story later, but the point here is that, if you have no sense of style or care about how you dress, find a good buddy who knows how to look sharp and get some pointers from him.

In my last post I wrote about how the fear of rejection plays a significant part in the answer to this question.

In addition, I suggested that a warped sense of Christian masculinity contributes to the problem and that all this is exacerbated by the close communal nature of faith groups.

It’s not about being a boor, or having enormous muscles (though it wouldn’t hurt to go work out), or swaggering around like you’re Tom Cruise after a Scientology retreat. “Well I was thinking that maybe sometime—if you’re free of course and don’t have anything better to do—you’d like to meet somewhere, you know, just for fun and stuff…” No!

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