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Groups of friends mill about on the pavements, people spill out of pubs, two men kiss under a neon sex-shop sign.In this grid of streets, among the rainbow flags and lingerie shops, free love still reigns.You may dress the part and have the accent to match but the vocabulary you use also speaks buckets about your social standing.Indeed, according to social anthropologist and author, Kate Fox, there are certain words that are making you sound common - and they'll surprise you.

Christina and Violet's relationship, is far beyond just mother and daughter. and it was funny, because at the beginning Violet was being a typical 7 year old, since she doesn't do this type of stuff all the time.

Ironically, this is a word that should never be used by the upper class, says Kate.

She says it is used in a jokey manner by upper classes to describe those outside of their circles.

Gaining access to Raya involves an extensive application process, where a committee weighs a combination of factors, including your ÔÇťoverall Instagram influence" and who recommended you, before voting you in or out.

If you're worthy enough to be accepted, you'll be swiping through stock that includes everyone from Kelly Osbourne and Patrick Schwarzenegger, to Elijah Wood and Trevor Noah.

But in a bar on Wardour Street, things are rather more restrained.

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