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But one of the military spouse's simple pleasures, when her man is downrange, is being able to one-up the other wives with her husband's job. 11 mystery: Where is the SEAL, or SEALs, who put the bullets in bin Laden?

's Fredrick Kunkle reports that the entire town of Virginia Beach, home to the SEALs, is doing just that. Someone has to know around here." Kunkle spoke to several Virginia Beach locals who spoke reverentially of the SEALs (pictured above on a 2002 training mission in the Philippines).

Within military culture, the hierarchy of manliness goes something like: 1. They're tattooed and ripped and "All they want to do is pick up babes," one bar owner said.

Romance publishers, which accept a huge number of unsolicited manuscripts, are bracing for an onslaught of SEAL-themed pitches in the coming weeks. The way the teams work, the training the men have gone through.

Where they do their missions," Marliss Melton, a successful SEAL romance author, told Shin.

Adult individuals found within the registry are included solely by virtue of their conviction record and applicable state law.

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