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Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2016 mm Strep sore throat responds readily to OTYCIN (Erythromycin, Lilly) Temperature normal, throat culture negative, usually within twenty-four hours. The chance, therefore, of marriage between two heterozygous individuals is very remote, and even if such a mating occurs, the odds are 4: 1 against a homozygous or defective child being bom to them. Atten- tion has been called to the fact that the clinical material at the world’s largest hospital, Eloise, in Detroit, is not being used for teaching purposes. With each advancing decade, in short, the American people (and the world) are receiving better and better medical care.

DILANTIN Sodium is supplied in a variety of forms— including Kapseals® of 0.03 Gm. If one takes into considera- tion the rarity of the disease, he can see that the incidence of heterozygousity must be extremely low. The University of Michigan and Wayne Univer- sity educated no more than 38.3 per cent of the physicians now practicing in the state, and a year- ly average of 266 are coming from outside. MAQUOKETA In this day and age, fewer people are dying from acute illnesses, and more and more are living long enough to become the victims of the heart diseases, cancer, arteriosclerosis and strokes, both large and small, or the progressive entity of senil- ity.

) And better still, we have a little competition for you guys to win some gifts for your lovely Mums or mother figures…scroll below to see how to enter the competition 🙂 Philippa’s Mum Shelley, is a yoga teacher and loves anything to do with relaxation.

Philippa was instantly sold with the Spa collection scent and selected some body lotions and potions her Mum would love.

India’s National Security Policies and the Threat of Lashkar-e-Taiba: A Forgotten Concern Raashi Bhatia The year gone by has been significant for Indian politics and the months yet to come promise to be even more critical.

Big cities, especially the capital- New Delhi, saw the emergence of mass movements against corruption, the formation of a new People’s Party and the emergence of Narendra Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate for the party currently in opposition.

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) So when it comes to Mother’s Day we can’t help ourselves, it’s the one time of year we love to spoil them and take it from us, they really deserve it.

It’s not jut about the gifts, it’s a time to tell them how special they are and how grateful we are to them for everything they do for us.

8 Sweat Disturbances: Some Systemic and Dermatologic Aspects Solomon Greenliill, M. Edwin Moore’s Decree in the Hospital- Physician Trial 43 Highlights of the Interim Session of the AMA at Boston 44 Atlanta Graduate Medical Assembly 51 Osteopaths Seek Polk County Assignment 51 Closed Circuit T-V at SUI 51 Cancer Seminar at Phoenix 53 Cleveland Doctors Seek Injunction 53 Pan-American Medical Women’s Alliance xxi Sectional Meeting of A. The defect seems to be carried in a specific gene or allele.

42 SPECIAL DEPARTMENTS Coming Meetings 36 Mental Illness 46 President’s Page 47 The Journal Book Shelf 48 County Societies 50 Deaths 51 Iowa Academy of General Practice 52 State Department of Health 54 The Doctor’s Business 56 Woman’s Auxiliary News 57 Speakers’ Bureau Schedules 60 The Month in Washington xviii Blue Cross-Blue Shield xxii Your Blue Shield President Reports xxiii Personals xxvi Roster of Iowa Physicians in Military Service xl MISCELLANEOUS Dean Asks for New Medical Schools 2 To See Ourselves as Others See Us 7 Sioux Valley Medical Association 16 Skin Planing Has Limitations 27 Medical Education Meetings in Chicago 35 Security Taxes 35 Vocational Rehab Accomplishments 42 District Judge C. Afi- brinogenemia serves as a suitable illustration.

But, the threat of terrorism, especially Lashkar-e-Taiba, still remains an imminent danger despite the ongoing dialogue between the two countries.

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