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When it comes to misdeeds by the clergy, Protestants can hang with the worst of them, breaking their own rules and a few that missed the book.

Murder, attempted murder and rape are some of the more heinous crimes, but the list goes from the horrendous to the absurdity of a preacher stealing a dildo in a house robbery.

Adultery and Divorce A husband and wife pastoral team is getting divorced after the husband admitted a yearlong adulterous affair with a stripper.

All complaints are indexed by Google and Yahoo search engines.

The results that follow are taken directly from the news and reflect just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the sins of the “fathers.” Protestant preachers are every bit as noxious as Catholic priests are when it comes to child molesting and throw in a few twists, such as selling drugs and robbing banks.

I spent more time alphabetizing the crimes of Protestant clergy than collecting information.

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Spending time with his wife, Lori, and sons Chase and Cole, Steve is a devoted family man, coach as well as the head of the Premium Mortgage Cycling Team.

People make a lot of noise about the Catholic Church and its sex scandals as they rightly should for such abominable behavior, but there is a quiet outrage that is happening right under our noses on the other side of the aisle with Protestants.

Try “Preacher arrested 2010.” The search is not difficult, but since there is no hierarchy for any religion outside of mainstream Protestantism, there is no trail to follow like the Catholic church that stretches all the way to Rome.

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