Great expectations dating service rated ukrainian dating scam sites


Worked my way up to traveling ,training throughout the nation and eventually was director of a franchise. I loved working with so many different personalities.

The most enjoyable part of this job was working to the top at such a young age and teaching others how to become successful.

According to the Dating Service Contract Act passed by state legislature, customers are allowed 72 hours to cancel their contracts.With so many dating sites and services, some even free, George Latsis chose the matchmakers at Mile High Singles.He says he signed up for a VIP membership, “A one-time payment that includes everything.” George says he was told there would be 1,800 pre-screened women in the company’s database, of which about 1,000 in his dating demo of 35 to 45 year old women.Management was very efficient in the placement of the students. Was not the best of work environments but could be fun at times.Little job security because of lack of control in conversions and ratios. I had to randomly call people hoping to get them to pay for an online dating service.DMZ Group, LLC, is a Bellevue-based licensee of Great Expectations, a dating service with independently owned and operated centers throughout the nation.

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