Validating excel spreadsheets


The validation lifecycle requirements are met using a generic documentation set which allows spreadsheet validation and implementation with two documented deliverables.Compliance with the user's applicable regulations is achievable using this flexible and cost effective process.AC_FL_Run Content( 'codebase',' 'transparent','pluginspage',' P1_Prod_Version=Shockwave Flash','movie','../../jmpbtn?

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Each column containing validated cells is accommodated with a comment explaining which values can be entered into these cells.This document covers the basic usage and set up of Excel Ant.This document will assume basic familiarity with Ant and Ant build files. Using this approach the provided extensions will live in the default namespace.Many Gx P critical spreadsheets need to undergo validation to ensure that the data they generate is accurate and secure.This paper describes a pragmatic approach to the validation of Excel spreadsheets using the principals of GAMP 4.To view or modify validation settings, click the Data Validation button on the ribbon to invoke the Data Validation dialog.

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