Methods of accommodating diversity in aged care

This is in addition to the .2 million the Government has already committed to the Community Partners Program over the next four years.

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“Failure to obtain care at an early opportunity can cause health to decline, resulting in a greater need for a higher level of care,” he said.New funding of .2 million over five years from 2006-07 for the Community Partners Program will double the number of projects funded under the program.This will expand the development of information and education approaches, such as the use of ethnic media to provide information on aged care, the development of peer support networks, and the provision of assistance to aged care providers so that they can offer culturally appropriate care.You'll also learn if your home is a good candidate for an in-home energy assessment.Your Online Assessment Since 2015, the sponsors of Mass Save have been working with local communities and retailers to host recycling events at which residents can turn in old, inefficient dehumidifiers.That’s over two-thirds of businesses that are looking for ways to save energy and improve their bottom-line.

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