Lita dating batista fanfic

This bedroom suite is for our VIP's who prefer their own bed, window, soft music, and mood lighting.

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Randy and Angelina are first out then Batista and Tina then the Rock and Becca and finally Edge and Karina, only The Rock, Becca, Randy and Angelina know who Karina's partner is and when they walk out together Batista's face is a picture.

But she soon wipes the look his face when she takes down Tina in one move and eliminates Batista and her, then she starts on Angelina while the Rock takes on Randy unfortunately he gets pinned so him Becca are eliminated leaving only Randy and Angelina, Randy tries to RKO Karina but Edge spears him out of the way and they start fighting Randy is about to RKO Edge when the hear the announcement and see that Karina has got Angelina to submit using her submission move the princess twister (that gives her her name princess twister) and he has no choice but to put Edge down as he does the referee announces "the winners by submission Edge and Princess Twister Karina Del Rio" he holds their hands in the air as he does Edge mouths something to Karina.

Remember the cameras do not show everything in the room or it may be naptime.

If it's a nice day, we will most likely be outside enjoying the fresh air!

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