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One of the best features is Inrix lets you choose your own route to your destination, rather than having to use the route that map applications automatically suggest.If you have a preferred route for commuting, you can use waypoints on the map to set up and save exactly where you go and receive traffic alerts and an ETA daily for that route.Traditional mapping apps like Apple Maps, Google Maps, or Map Quest can all warn you of heavy traffic on certain roads, but they don’t necessarily go much further than that.The reality is traffic can make or break someone’s day.A lot of producers make a demo and then they take the scratch drums off and they put the live drums back on.It's incredibly frustrating when you're trying to browse the web only to find yourself blocked by a filter, whether it's run by your office, school, ISP or even a government.If you’re on a tight schedule, you need a decent app that can not only provide you with real-time traffic information for your preferred routes, but help you learn new routes should you wish to avoid traffic altogether.These four apps are capable of doing all that, and should be a staple for frequent travelers.

Inrix notifies of incidents around you like an accident or construction work, complete with a description of the incident and an estimate of how long it could affect the area.As always, dancing is always optional, but we dare you not to move your feet to the beat of these legends! When Zane Lowe played Chance The Rapper’s “No Problem” four times in a row on Beats 1 radio earlier this month, it was a moment in time.A VPN routes your traffic through another private computer network, usually anonymously, allowing you to browse as if you were using a different device in a different location.Unlike a simple proxy (see below) it routes all of your internet access through this connection, rather than just your web browser.The Kensington Horns are Richard Underhill's band of bohemian jazzistas who bring their brass music to the water on a voyager canoe.

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