Dating an athlete in college

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When all of these responsibilities are taken into account, this is truly a full-time job as their duties to fulfill expectations of their peers and superiors far outweigh that of a student on academic scholarship.

So, if these players can't receive benefits, then surely they should be able to work and make their own money just like any other student right? The NCAA is actually bold enough to restrict their athletes from having jobs or making money because they don't want them cashing in on their performances in any way.

But who am I to judge the life choices of someone else?

This is America and we should all be free to be you and me.

Days after third-wheeling it with his coupled-off golf pals, Fowler attended Sunday’s Red Bull Grand Prix with track-and-field beauty Allison Stokke.

Furthermore, does the millions of dollars the schools receive annually really equate to just a Bachelor's degree? College athletes have a significantly larger workload than your average student with hours of rigorous training, games and classes, all at the same time.It is early October, and the dry cornstalk still stands.Time-worn, dirt roads are masked by seven-foot plants.Now, we drive as college mates, best friends and eager lovers.There is necking and driving, reckless passion born of young frontal lobes.Which is why I've put together a list of some of the best ways snag an athlete.

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