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For a story, we’re now checking into reports about thieves who steal people’s online photos and then post them on dating websites.The scammers create a fake profile, dupe vulnerable people into responding and ultimately getting drawn into what they think is a romantic relationship.The trial is expected to last about two weeks, and Thompson told Mc Ginley she expected her defense case to take at least a week to present.

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Mc Ginley noted that many cars parked outside the Hardin County Courthouse Wednesday had visible "Justice for Holly" stickers."They don't need to be out here in this parking lot," Mc Ginley said.

Thompson told Mc Ginley she would choose January, almost exactly a year after co-defendant Jason Autry agreed to testify against Adams in the death of 20-year-old nursing student Holly Bobo."When pigs fly," Mc Ginley countered Wednesday, telling Thompson she had never been satisfied with any trial date for Adams and overruling her motion to reset the date.

Thompson told the judge she needed more time to request and review evidence, and to get more information on certain reports.

and is a member of the Africa Progress Panel (APP), a group of ten distinguished individuals who advocate at the highest levels for equitable and sustainable development in Africa.

A single father, Geldof has also been outspoken for the fathers' rights movement.

At one point, he was so poor all he could afford to eat were potatoes, which he would grill until they stuck to the pan.

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