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The flowers that trail elegantly under the bust in the original version have been clustered around the neckline One bride-to-be, Grace Jennings-Edquist, started a blog on Australian website Mama Mia about her wedding dress fears after ordering her dress online and was inundated with horror stories from other brides.

The reviewer wrote: 'Ordered a wedding dress..thing came in made of God knows what for the lining....weighed a tonne!

In this popular story by Skarjo, a man deeply locked into his routine is thrown off a little by the fact that he forgot his cell phone.

That was 17 years ago and I still can remember how sick I felt. I met one from India and after we had coffee one afternoon, and he invited me back to his place.[tags: documentary, dramatization, real life] - Waking up the next morning I couldn't help but think it had all just been a dream.It seemed like the kind of thing my warped imagination would conjure up- that Embry Call had been talking to me for two days in a row.Never have I put anything (except perhaps the dentist's teeth apron for teeth xrays perhaps) that weighed so much.Trying to get it returned seems to take an act of congress!'The writer then warned other brides-to-be: 'That flutter of anxiety may then turn into a sweaty, stomach-turning realisation that you’ve made a huge freaking mistake when the reviews start to include words like "truly hideous dress".

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