Is selena gomez and nick jonas dating again


We were both with separate groups of friends," Jonas told Capital FM's Max.In an email to Refinery29, Jonas' publicist said that he has no further comment, and that — as he explained to Capital FM — he was out to dinner with friends, not Selena Gomez.For whether the two are on the verge of getting back together, click over to Gossip Cop.Jennifer Aniston cheated on Brad Pitt with her co-star Matt Le Blanc, reveals Star.Now that Gomez and Jonas are both single and once again moving in the same circles, everyone wants Gomez and Jonas to rekindle their love. Capital FM asked Jonas about his encounter with Gomez, and he explained it was exactly that: A brief encounter.The two were spotted having dinner at the same restaurant in Los Angeles earlier this month, and while reported their run-in was "awkward," others hoped it was a sign that Gonas (Jomez? "We kinda ran into each other a couple of weeks ago.

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Yes b'cause miss airheaded Miley cyrus and him brokeup and I think Selena n nick are right 4eachother BTY miley song seven things is about nick hahahaha im sure he took it well .

Jonas did talk about how his and Gomez's worlds overlap.

"I put a dinner together with a bunch of really great people, like the Haim girls that I love. It was nice to connect and just catch up, I’ll leave it there!

Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas dated back when they were Disney stars, but eventually went their separate ways.

Also, never forget the Jonas Brothers' "Burnin' Up" video in which Gomez played Jonas' love interest that first drew attention to their relationship.

Nick Jonas was recently caught flirting with Selena Gomez during a “dinner date,” reports Life & Style.

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