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Can't help with the dose - but when one of my ewe lambs was attacked by a dog, the vet gave me banamine for her - but only for a couple of days (I think it can be bad to.Sheep @ Purdue: Preventing Diseases in Lambs Keeping A Family Cow - Sheep & Banamine Preventing Diseases in Lambs.

After the war ended, Spain officially ceded the island to the United States under the terms established in the Treaty of Paris of 1898. Congress approved the Jones–Shafroth Act, which extended United States citizenship (the Puerto Rican House of Delegates rejected US citizenship) with limitations upon Puerto Ricans and made them eligible for the military draft. In true Aloha spirit, we want you do more, right here where you want to be. Ranked among Hawaii's Top Ten Honeymoon Hotels, each year over 350 weddings are booked to the delight of both newlyweds and their guests. We’re grateful to be blessed with a setting few places can lay claim to: a coastline that has the most powerful waves in the world, idyllic bays for swimming and snorkeling, and miles of pristine beaches lined with swaying palms. More hula lessons, chopper tours, and underwater encounters with those mythical sea turtles the North Shore is famous for. Turtle Bay Resort is THE setting for your most special day. Our wellness offerings include cutting-edge spa, fitness, and salon options.August 15, 2017 15Aug17 Appalachian Trail Bruce Sweet 2 No one likes to be labeled a “quitter.” However, just up the trail from Spring Mountain, Georgia you’ll find a place of reckoning.It’s a store where many people with big dreams have a change of heart… August 17, 2017 17Aug17 Appalachian Trail Bruce Sweet 4 I have seen Maine’s Mt.

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