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If your trigger data is an email that was automatically generated and you can't change the formatting, named variables won't be able to help you.Let's see an example of named variables in action.Specifies if margins of a chart should be calculated automatically so that labels of axes would fit. Other margins will use values set with margin Right, margin Top, margin Left and margin Bottom properties.If you set it to true and your chart div (or any of the parent div) has css scale applied, the chart will position mouse at a correct position., then doxygen will generate a caller graph for that function (provided the implementation of the function or method calls other documented functions).The caller graph will be generated regardless of the value of CALLER_GRAPH.When enabled, chart adds aria-label attributes to columns, bullets or map objects. WAI-ARIA is now official W3 standard, so in future more readers will handle this well.

Also, make sure the named variable only has letters, numbers, or underscores.For example, Remember, to be able to find the Named Variable fields when setting up the template of your Zap, we'll need to have seen a sample of them first.So make sure you submit a trigger with those variables set and then re-test your trigger.When this command is put in a comment block of a function or method and then doxygen will not generate a caller graph for that function.The caller graph will not be generated regardless of the value of CALLER_GRAPH.The following table shows an example of a matching value set to a specific value, and one set to the value in another field.

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