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Dating Rules from My Future Self popped up in 2012, but unless you pay attention to what’s going on as far as Hulu originals, you probably didn’t notice it (or did you? Your main girl here is Shiri Appleby, who you might recognize from Roswell or even Life Unexpected (WHY WAS THAT CANCELED).Shiri, or Lucy, seems to have everything, but something’s just not right. ” Can you believe they made a second season of this? In the second season, our leading lady is Chloe, played by Candice Accola (from Vampire Diaries).It's great for you, if a slight chore to prepapre and eat.

To set her straight, Chloe’s older, wiser self Face Times and texts her advice from ten years in the future, thanks to an app provided by season one star, Shiri Appleby, who returns for a guest appearance in season two.My future self knows that, to sustain any relationship, you need to be engaged, and you need things to talk about other than old episodes of .The dumbest reason to be annoyed by circa-2012 online video is an excess of product placement.At this point in our commercial and cultural evolution, railing against product placement is like railing against shoes, or against the arrival of night. No matter how much it may irritate scold-ier viewers, no fiscally conscientious production will refuse those dollars. Besides, it looks dopey when a character is shown caressing an i Pad recast as a "u Tablet" for the sake of copyright/patent sanctity. No-label products, I think, deliver more of an authenticity jolt than all but the hammiest instances of product placement (read: the self-aware ones, like when a fictional being holds up a Snapple bottle, winks four times and punctuates a long swig with a euphonious "aaaaaaahhh! At the same time, I can't help but imagine an alternate universe, one in which brand-larded series are stripped of anything bearing a too-visible tag, logo or imprint.So as an experiment, I decided to see how an episode of the web series "Dating Rules From My Future Self," an Alloy Entertainment production whose title tells you everything you need to know about its defining premise, would play minus its Ford and Schick worship.We know this because she has blonde hair and accessorizes with great, furious abandon.

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