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Section below see page links at the bottom of this page (hit Control and End buttons) for 1000's more pieces of gear. Quality sound out of this endpin mounted preamp system with soundhole mounted rotary controls for Volume & Tone.

The unique Tone control cuts mids while boosting treble and bass with an integrated LED low battery indicator. One of the great chorus units of all time, the MXR M-134, is recreated with the same lush analog tone, plus more tone shaping than the 3- knob original pedals.

Original Fender part number 0994093000Fender AMP LOGO.

(Offers based on the selling prices will be given serious consideration).

: If you're not familiar with my site, it's simple, and you'll love it or hate it: (1) This page has gear that has recently arrived; (2) Links at the bottom of this page take you to most of our gear, logically arranged by manufacturer or type, e.g. (3) Lastly, my contains a lot of gear that hasn't made it back to the proper pages yet and is sort of in limbo until I move it.

It has switchable voicing to accommodate all guitar body sizes & performance situations and features solderless connections. This one has seen very little use and is major upgrade over many OEM systemsfor . In addition to the usual Intensity (depth) and Rate (speed of sweep), plus a Width control to set the limit of the sweep.

It also adds Bass and Treble EQ knobs which help make the effected sound stand out.

Used on the upper left corner of the grill cloth on some recent and vintage era Fender amps. 5 1/2" wide, the "F" in the logo is about 2 7/8" inches tall. "Flat" Fender logo, with brown "tail", cast metal, mounting screws included. Chrome metal caps - replacement for vintage and reissue Fender amps. Pack of 4 chrome "Dogbone" handle screws for Fender style FAH-328 and FAH-329 handles.

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