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Psychiatrist and international trauma specialist Dr Helen Driscoll said in a statement it was imperative for the family to be together."The fact that Nazanin and each family member is utterly crushed and the only option to ease intolerable suffering is suicide from total despair, is entirely predictable," she said."I hold IHMS and DIBP [Department of Immigration and Border Protection] responsible for their pending demise."The Immigration Department has told the ABC it takes the health and welfare of transferees very seriously and said there had been no reports to the department of a suicide attempt.

Me, Esme, and her sister camping in the Northern forests. I LAY IN MY SLEEPING BAG, the cold barely kept at bay.

It took authorities three weeks and imminent organ failure to transport the 23-year-old to a Brisbane Hospital.

Her mother and her 20-year-old brother, Omid, said the Immigration Department promised to send them to Brisbane to aid Nazanin's recovery but went back on its word.

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