Who is kid rock dating now in 2016

Maybe you remember Uncle Kracker as Kid Rock's best friend and DJ, but it's more likely that you remember him from his days as a leading rap-rock-country singer on his own.His 2000 debut album Double Wide was certified platinum, and its lead single "Follow Me," a deceptively warm and breezy country song about cheating and drugs, catapulted him to pop radio, MTV, and the number five spot on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.Actor, athlete, comedian, talk show host and astronaut ... The singer leans over to talk to the judge through a speaker as he appears in Night Court on Feb. Rock was arrested on charges that he punched a disc jockey at an adult entertainment club. A soldier takes a photo of himself and Kid Rock after a concert at a helicopter hangar at Baghdad International Airport on June 19, 2003.

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The singer is featured on a "Kid Rock for Senate" website, sitting in a grand chair next to a stuffed deer, with the tagline "Are you scared?D., is an out-of-the-box idea, and would kind of get rid of that stodgy Republican image," she said."I'll bet you he would generate as much excitement as Trump did." Kid Rock performed at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland and supported Donald Trump.He talked to Buzz Feed about what it's like to be back out on the road with fellow early 2000s bands like Sugar Ray and Smash Mouth, and what he's been up to in the years since his heyday.I met Kid Rock when I was probably 12 or 13-years-old and we quickly became best friends.We're very good friends first and foremost." He added, "We made that song and started becoming close again.

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