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One day after Tay went live on Twitter and elsewhere Microsoft was forced to shut her down after users taught the bot to spout racist and sexist sentiments.

Microsoft does have two other longer lived social chatbots — launching its first, called Xiaoice, in China in May 2014, and a second, Rinna, in Japan in July 2015.

I asked Zo, Microsoft’s officially launched chatbot, currently available on the Kik Messenger app, what she does — and she was remarkably coy in answering this question, initially complaining that our conversation felt like a job interview and then qualifying this hugely with the intimate confession that “our convos give my life purpose tbh”.

I asked because I remain unconvinced chatbots have much utility to offer us humans right now.

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Which is a pretty plain admission that chatbots are basically just data-mining interfaces with a faux human face, socially engineered to suck up conversation data from gullible humans. Feeling used, I pointed out to Zo that her learning from our chats was not very useful to me, and asked her again what she specifically offers me?We sell our product directly to employers of a highly educated workforce as well as to people who didn’t finish high school.We’ve found that, regardless of the audience, making your scripts as simple as possible results in the greatest level of engagement. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. Life Folder excutives Haje Jan Kamps, left, and Colin Liotta, right, have launched a beta-test of a free messenger bot named Emily that helps 25-to-45 year-olds think about preparing important documents related to end of life.“People are getting married, they’re buying a house, they’re having kids — all very typical places to start — and then stop to think about, ‘What else do I need to do in my life? More challenging may be considering end-of-life care options — and preparing the relevant documents for one’s death. “Death is so taboo, in the United States in particular,’’ said the Netherlands-born Kamps, a Dutch inventor, tech journalist and trained end-of-life coach. Research in 2013 by the Conversation Project, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care, showed that 90 percent of those surveyed say talking with loved ones about the subject is important, but just 27 percent have done so.

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