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"I am available for dating." Sharon has been married twice before; to TV producer Michael Greenburg from 1984 until 1987, and Phil Bronstein from 1998 until 2003.She is mum to three adopted sons, Roan, 14, Laird, nine, and Quinn, eight.Send this instead: “My parents are in town Saturday, so I may not be able to hang out.” If he shows any interest in their visit, you could mention that he’s welcome to join the three of you for dinner, but leave it at that, Blews recommends. If he doesn't reply, then you can send this exact same text a few days later, but only once more.

If you're looking for something a bit more original than the typical "dinner and a movie," more power to you.“We should be Facebook friends.”Davis says this pops up most often with younger women.You probably just want to show your girlfriends pictures of the new guy in your life, but you feel awkward about friending him. Some guys might interpret this as "She wants to change her status to 'in a relationship' with me," Davis explains.Unfortunately, it was not strong enough to withstand the circumstances that came our way.'Chronic, long-term illness is extremely challenging.Not only for the person sick but also for the caregiver.The actress isn't likely to stay single for long; super fit Sharon looks better than ever.

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