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While the terrain is mostly flat, there are mountains around the borders of Poland.

The country has over thirty-eight million residents, with almost 97% of those people being of Polish decent.

This article presents brief information about trends in the concluding and dissolving of marriages as well as births over the past 25 years, i.e.

from the moment of economic and social transformation in 1989.

The perfect Polish bride looks and acts like a real woman.

She definitely knows how to beguile when she puts on makeup and flaunts the nicest outfits before leaving home.

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– Well, if you are one of those non spiritual ‘cool guys’; Polish women will be a real pain in the neck for you.You can always change job or houses but your spouse and the mother of you child is what life is all about. I can say that if you are a spiritual romantic person, then Polish lady will appreciate you.If you are a footballer that drinks and does not go to church, Polish girls may tolerate, but not respect you, as are not their dream guy.The first half of the 90s was the breakthrough period for the observed demographic trends.The changes point to an ongoing transformation in the behaviour of young persons, who while entering adulthood and planning a future first invest in themselves - in education and work - and then in the family and its enlargement.And you will be nurtured by a Polish woman and proud to have her by your side.

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