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For the purpose of this post I don’t intend to cover the full history of Scalextric in all its forms.

To do so would take forever, so I am concentrating my efforts from its inception until around 2000 or so.

IWM supports and encourages research into our collections and they are open to the public.

You can find out more about accessing our collections on our Research Facilities page.

Milk, butter, cheese, eggs and honey were also used, along with vegetables.

What these were we can scarcely say, but as the whole district had been so strongly held by the Romans, it is quite possible that there would be a fairly good selection, as the Romans introduced almost all the vegetables known at the present time, omitting of course the potato, but including leek, garlic, onions, peas and beans.

My brother and myself had a set given to us as our main Christmas present when I was about 10 or 11 years old, which would have been way back in the early 1960′s or so.

The set could be made up into a figure of eight with a bridge under which ran a chicane.

Alongside the material that has been commissioned or created for official or military purposes are the personal responses to eye-witnessed events and the tokens that ordinary people have given to IWM so that their experience of war, or that of their family, can be passed on to future generations.Chatburn, at the very foot of Pendle, takes its name from one of the most distinguished characters of Anglo-Saxon times – St. Chatburn Village Chatburn village is quite a different place than it was a few centuries ago.Like all villages dating from Anglo Saxon times, it is built near running water, and at one time was entirely dependent upon its own industry to supply its material needs.IWM’s collections cover all aspects of twentieth and twenty-first century conflict involving Britain, the Commonwealth and other former empire countries.They were intended to record the 'toil and sacrifice' of every individual affected by war.Tri-ang’s subsidiary Rovex, which specialised in plastic, then developed Scalextric for the mass market, converting the metal cars to easier and cheaper to mould plastic versions.

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