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.-t ^rily ■ few bills unconsidered, adjourned at n.45 o'clock this morning and the ••nate, with more undone at the tlnlsh, workcid until 3;3(' o'clock. were rife on the board today when the slump in wheat continued, prices reach ln.g a point 8 cents to 8% cents below the record price of last week, when Mr. NINE FOR MINNESOTA Census Superintendents to Be Appointed By the President Two Thousand Two Hun- dred Enumerators In This State. Business was genet ally sus- liended for the climb. ruth of the contention that we are a ong w-av as vet. To deprive the girl of higher education is far more repre- hensible than foreign practices in re- elrd to which we are most virtuously fndignant Tand the time will cotne when he force of public opin on ^i U .f^^^^^** iui L-tice, not only for the girl s sa Kc, bit also for that of the nation. ♦ • • The gold and silver rose of the win- ter reappears on the shirred taffeta liat. The contest will last Up to June 16, and longer If fmiudt necessary. Nelson, In charge of the life saving station at Youngs- town, and hla crew of seven men. ATTEMPT MADE TO FREE BOYLE Chicago, April 22 —"Has the bull campaign in wheat, »o far as the public is concerned, be^n abandoned? " These and other questions, ^un- thought of a week ago. Cunnlng- han general manager of the expedi- tion,' vvere ente-talned at dinner last nig t by the members of the Mombasa club The acting governor of the pro- tectorate K. Ue be- Kan wi Ui a tribute to the British peo- ple foi their energy and genius in c U- lllzing the uncivilized placeg of the earth He said he was surprised at gr^i_hw^j2a£ heard_ef Jh ^ progress of "TContinued on pa ge ■'. ; All TOS RACE TO MOUNTAIN TOP Climbing Contest Held on Sides of Famous Christians in Turkey Im- plore Sultan to Fur- nish Troops. Hundred More Persons Killed; Five Thousand Without Homes. Pl T^Hf tfi 9^^'W' ^ W- W- W' ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ % EVERY ONE MASSACRED. Last nierht there was a very heavy down- pour o rain which washed all the dust and surplus dirt off the mountain r6ad and left it hard and ^niooth for the race. It dvl- li-l' t ol- i i;.'n«iix*'n offfit'd a iii itie hou.'se. Anxious for the social success of her daughter naturally the mother does not regard with favor a course of study which may kill her ambitioij foj. ^, d^o^e's no V* fee/^lt^get£r yu.stified in withholding from her child latter-day opportunities for intellectual development Herein lies the problein which she worries over for. No better illustration than that of stunting a girl intellectually and de- priving her of the inestimable experi- ence of college life, because of the fear that she may marry out of her class could be adduced to prove the ? * ♦ • The separate waist and skirt has al- most disappeared from view. is here to help you in this complicated deal called ‘matchmaking’, and has plenty of flirt chat rooms.Our professional approach brings single hearts together and shines a new light of hope on every lonely soul that seeks a match.Jedes Portal hat hier unterschiedliche Auffassungen davon, was noch akzeptabel ist und was wiederum vermieden werden sollte.Allgemein lassen sich jedoch verschiedene Grundregeln festhalten, die niemals schaden.

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ICEGORGE Ton of Explosive Is Taken to Niagara Falls. It Is twelve mllc H in length and In mativ places sixty feet in depth, and I, r.s nillliona of tons and a i^; powerful enough to annihilate t a Mill villages along its border if it start to go out all at once. A ton of tiynamite was sent from Ruffulu last night for this purpose and is now in Youngstown, at the mouth of the river rapt. Patten declared wheat was worth in- trinsicallv every cent being paid for It. Theodore Kcosevelt and the mem- bers of his party left Mombasa at this afternoon on a special train for Kapitl I'lalns station, whence they will be conveyed to the ranch of Sir Alfred I'ease on the Athix river. Of the fifteen entrants ten are noted drivers, among them being Lewis 4t a Ti K Dewltt? 25o ALSO ALL THE PLANTS IN MY SHOW HOUSE AT ONE-HALF THE USUAL PRICE. • • • When two immense roses appear on the same hat they are unusually Hat In shape. In addi- tion, they Bi Uai^ home cooking for the public Ad t V" '" ^^'^ profits.

Pat- ten, now reported on his way to visit the ranch of a fritnd In Colorado, changed his views? In conclusion, he promised the difc- tinguished visitor an immense variety of game and good sport. Roos^evelt arose to replv he was enthusiastically received with full Highland musical honors. Patten said he is making no jiersonal investigation of the wheat fields, but is lleeing from newspaper publicity. Tenn , April .22.— Ideal weather condition.- prevailed and a crowd of spectators numbering many thousands saw the Lookout mountain automobile climb this afternoon. In the sense in which that teim 8 used socially, loses its gutter. FELIX QOURAUD'S Oriental Cream or Magloal Beautlfier. ^ ^ , Filet net stockings in lisle and in silk are the rage of the moment.

^^v^-^ard ••1 bid vou a hearty '^•^'Itome * ''^''^'^^f'^the Hde out to Africa to make use of the rllle. Patten, the Chicago wheat bull, passed through this city late last night en route to Trinidad, Colo., to visit at the ranch of a friend near Trinidad. c .,;.■• • Palms, r:ich 50^sive mothers know that this Prob em of co - lege or no college for their girls is one with which they all wrestle; that while the many advantages of college experience are appreciated, they are outweighed in large measure, by the fact thit its training, and the influence of association with fellow students , so changes the girl's point of view thai the eligible men in her own class cease to interest her, and that, a good mar- riage. • * • For linen suits, and in fact for suits and frocks of all washable materials, the Irish crochet buttons promise a vogue such as they liave never yet en- joyed.

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