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Related Information Overview Device Manager Plug and Play Device Detection Device Drivers Supported Hardware Device Installation Configuring Device Settings Power Management Hardware Troubleshooting Additional Resources Plug and Play in Windows XP Professional allows a user to simply connect a hardware device and leave the job of configuring and starting the hardware to the operating system.

However, computer hardware, device drivers, and the system BIOS must all be designed properly in order to install new devices without user intervention.

For example, although Windows XP Professional provides Plug and Play functionality, if no Plug and Play–capable driver is available for a given device, the operating system cannot automatically configure and start the device.

When a hardware device is connected, as when a user plugs a USB camera into a USB port, Plug and Play Manager goes through the following steps to successfully install the device: Device drivers included with or installed under Windows XP Professional must meet the standards of the Designed for Windows XP Logo Program (

Related Information Using This Appendix Installing and Running Troubleshooting Tools Disaster Recovery Tools Application and Service Tools Remote Management Tools Disk and Maintenance Tools System File Tools Networking Tools Additional Resources This appendix describes the troubleshooting and maintenance tools available in Windows XP Professional.

The Microsoft Windows XP Professional operating system provides features that simplify installing, configuring, and managing computer hardware.

Plug and Play is a feature that automatically configures devices, loads device drivers, and works with other Plug and Play devices to allocate resources, all without user intervention.

Windows XP Professional supports devices that use the USB and IEEE 1394 buses, as well as devices that connect over other buses.

Understanding hardware management features and support in Windows XP Professional helps you install, configure, and troubleshoot hardware devices.

1 Users may not access files and subdirectories inside any /proc/[pid] directories but their own (the /proc/[pid] directories themselves remain visible).

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