Top intimidating dogs


The NFL thrives on intimidating players, but only a select few have intimidating names that perfectly match their on-the-field personas.Intimidation is a staple of the NFL primarily on the defensive side of the ball, which makes sense because defenders are doing whatever they can to slow down offensive players.While some have reinforced their names with their play on the field, others have simply flopped and are remembered for nothing but their unique name.Here are the 20 most intimidating names in NFL history.For defensive linemen trying to sack Kansas City Chiefs' quarterbacks in the mid 1990's, it had to be disheartening to have to get past a gigantic guard named Will Shields.Shields' name implied he was good at blocking opponents, and that he was.In particular, Labradors mature faster than other breeds, which allow them to grasp training at a younger age and handle the learning curve of taking whistle and hand signals at great distances while performing blind retrieves, as well as the complex concepts involved in field trials.

These are names that can be very useful for larger males as a means of showing off how powerful they are and how tough and intimidating they can be.Throughout history, one of the main jobs of the domesticated dog has been to protect its owners and guard against unwanted people or animals.While many modern dogs will instinctually act as home guardians, there are specific breeds that are known for possessing the characteristics needed to best ward off unwanted intruders.While many breeds can be hunted on several species of quarry, we’re going to only use a breed of hunting dog once—forcing us to choose wisely which breed we’d want if pursuing that animal.Hopefully this allows us to cover a wide range of breeds and gives you a better idea of the strengths of each dog.At least half of the game of football at the professional level is mental.

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