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is scripted after a video emerged of housemates being advised on what to do the following day.Grande was the first to be evicted from the house during the final on Friday evening, leaving the reality TV show in sixth place."It was definitely a real TV programme, but again - it’s a TV programme.” He denied housemates would receive instructions on what to do. “[They would say], like, ‘go to the couches, sit down, we’re taking shots of you now for the live show - it’s a TV show, and it’s a game.” said: ”Footage shown on the live feed involved Big Brother alerting housemates of a long final day ahead.

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She went on to say that he's not but that some of his actions gave her pause.

Musician John Legend was not having it when Donald Trump Jr. A Trump supporter on Twitter said Legend has "no education," to which Legend replied, "the Donalds and I graduated from the same University, funny enough," referring to the University of Pennsylvania.

said demonstrators at a Chicago campaign rally for his father could not explain what they were protesting. Fans were upset when Miley Cyrus posted some unflattering photos of "Full House" star Jodie Sweetin from her partying days.

Singers Monica and Brandy reunited in 2012 for a new song, "It All Belongs To Me." Their original duet, 1998's "The Boy Is Mine" won them a Grammy.

In September 2016 it was reported that the pair were on the outs.

II", "4Ever", "Hot Girls", and her debut single "5 Minutes".

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