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In fact, I’m willing to bet an extremely large majority of people who are outraged by this data capturing and spying revelation have a Facebook account; one of the most in-depth personal information gathering services ever known to mankind.

So I thought I’d do a little digging and put together a list of just some of the information over 1 billion Facebook users are providing willingly every single day. As a Facebook user, you’ve got to be willing to provide data about some of the most specific and personal elements of who you are to a public company with investors, shareholders and government ties. Pretty much your entire online life is being handed over here. And you know this information is for sale too right?

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So, the next time you go to a party and see that particular person, you already know of at least one common interest – and that they’re single!Some of that information can be quite interesting or useful, while some of it can be downright scary.It’s worth noting that graph search has the power to divulge your personal information quite rapidly to friends or strangers, so please do re-check your Facebook privacy Every time Facebook releases a new feature to learn more about our friends, many people realise that their privacy settings are not adequate anymore.After registering to use the site, users can create a user profile indicating their name, occupation, schools attended and so on.Users can add other users as "friends", exchange messages, post status updates and digital photos, share digital videos and links, use various software applications ("apps"), and receive notifications when others update their profiles or make posts.Facebook is an American for-profit corporation and an online social media and social networking service based in Menlo Park, California.

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