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By writing this in your profile, you’re telling people that you’re not smart or self-aware enough to write it yourself.

Most living grown-ups have a history of exes, hang-ups and maybe a nervous breakdown or two. They know that you have a past, but they don’t want to hear about it. Some online dating profiles read like shopping lists.

Our new First Minister refused to contemplate Northern Ireland having its own anthem.

For the first half hour we sit around, eat food, drink tea and chat before we get down to work and then in the last half hour we clean up the mess we’ve created and wind down.Statutory rape laws presume coercion, because a minor or mentally handicapped adult is legally incapable of giving consent to the act.The term statutory rape generally refers to sex between an adult and a sexually mature minor past the age of puberty.Thus, many jurisdictions prohibit allowing a juvenile to be tried as an adult under this law (most jurisdictions have separate provisions for child molestation or forcible rape which can be applied to juveniles and for which a minor can be tried as an adult).Some jurisdictions also specify a minimum difference in age in order for the offense to be applicable.These fears ironically are preventing us from galvanising our position as a separate Northern Ireland by frustrating attempts to make an inclusive flag and anthem.

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