G dragon dating 2016


It willbe broadcasted on the 25th, at PM on JTBC’s “Talking Street (As I Say).” Credits: Sources: 1, 2, 3 Translated by: We Love Dara / Oh Dara Sandara Park along with model Kang Seung-hyun travelled together to the Philippines; their adventures will be revealed through broadcast.Sandara Park, who introduced the Philippines as her second home, lived in the country for more than ten years. When any member of YG Family visits the Philippines, Sandara Park recommends places to go to and even food to eat.As aforementioned, the duo met up after BIGBANG’s fan meeting in Tokyo at a steak restaurant in the Azabu district.Meanwhile, Japanese model Mizuhara Kiko was said to be dating Japanese actor Nomura Shuhei.Although the K-pop artiste hasn't spoken about his relationship with the model, here's one reason why he couldn't be dating her.

Ever since BIGBANG member G-Dragon's private Instagram account got hacked, many have wondered if he is currently dating Japanese actress/model Nana Komatsu.The 28-year-old idol also added that he likes hanging out with all of his friends in crowded places and doesn’t care about getting his photos taken.Lastly, he said, “Admitting to a relationship or not is up to each person, but I do think that a dating rumour is more damaging for the woman.But I didn’t know that news or articles would be written about it with that kind of ‘concept’,” she said firmly, emphasizing her innocence in the dating rumor.On the other hand, Sandara Park will also talk about 2NE1‘s disbandment as one of the “talk buskers” in the episode.MC Haha told Sandara Park, “,” giving a congratulatory message at once.

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